Upside Down Podcast

Season 5 | Episode 75: The Necessity of Voting with Lisa Sharon Harper

October 13, 2020 Lindsy Wallace, Alissa Molina, Patricia Taylor, Kayla Craig, Lisa Sharon Harper Season 5 Episode 75
Upside Down Podcast
Season 5 | Episode 75: The Necessity of Voting with Lisa Sharon Harper
Show Notes

Why is it necessary to vote with our neighbors in mind? Lisa Sharon Harper joins all of the Upside Down Podcast co-hosts for this episode. Lisa is the author of The Very Good Gospel and founder and president of, a consulting group dedicated to shrinking the narrative gap in our nation by designing forums and experiences that bring common understanding, common commitment, and common action. She is a prolific speaker, writer, and activist and a prophetic voice for our time. 

In this episode, we:

  • Jump right in to ask Lisa what voting means to her 
  • Unpack how voting is an exercise in dominion that serves and protects
  • Open the one-issue party discussion and learn history and impacts of current, controversial Supreme Court rulings 
  • Hear why “clarity is necessary” for Lisa in this election
  • Consider how Jesus ‘voted’ with the most marginalized in mind

Join us as we consider what is at stake with this election. May we be followers of Jesus, under the rule of God, and vote for the benefit of all humanity created in the image of God.

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