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Season 5 | Episode 77: The Necessity of Witness with Drew. G.I. Hart

November 09, 2020 Lindsy Wallace, Patricia Taylor, Drew G.I. Hart Season 5 Episode 77
Upside Down Podcast
Season 5 | Episode 77: The Necessity of Witness with Drew. G.I. Hart
Show Notes

What does it mean for the church to be a witness? What do our 21st-century sensibilities miss about Jesus’ 1st-century sociopolitical relevance? In this episode of Upside Down Podcast, Lindsy Wallace and Patricia Taylor process a conversation with author and professor Drew G.I. Hart about the revolutionary life of Jesus and the ways in which we can usher in his peace for our world.

In this episode, we:

  • Consider what it looks like to follow after the way of Jesus in 2020 
  • Lean into the local church as community in the building and in the streets
  • Widen the experience of Jesus to a political Jesus
  • Are challenged to see peace as a disruptor to violence
  • Lean into the power of the embodied, costly, revolutionary love of Jesus

Join us as Drew walks us through his experience of the things that make for peace. Let us set aside our 21st Century sensibilities so we may enter into Jesus’ first century. May we hold his socio-political relevance to the light of day and let it shine through in such a way we put his revolutionary teachings to make a Beloved community today. 

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  • “The call of Jesus is really quite simple, despite how complicated we have made it by obfuscating that basic Christian vocation. Follow after the way of Jesus.” 

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