Upside Down Podcast

Season 5 | Episode 88: The Necessity of Connection

May 11, 2021 Kayla Craig, Lindsy Wallace, Alissa Molina Season 5 Episode 88
Upside Down Podcast
Season 5 | Episode 88: The Necessity of Connection
Show Notes

How do you begin to reconnect with your community after over a year of wading through the collective heaviness of a global pandemic? Co-hosts Lindsy Wallace, Alissa Molina, and Kayla Craig gather to connect and reflect on where we are and where we’ve been. 

In this episode, we:

  • Acknowledge the importance and exhaustion of connecting and how we have to relearn how to connect with no road map for these times
  • Check in with each other: how are we really doing after over a year of living through the pandemic (on top of the pandemic of white supremacy, the effects of climate change, and so on)?
  • Ask each other what we are lamenting and grieving, as well as what practices and rhythms have been helpful throughout this time
  • Discuss what we are processing: the hard reset some of us have experienced in the wake of the pandemic, stories and voices that have been amplified, and more
  • Share who we are paying more attention to and whose voices we are pruning
  • Talk about what is giving us hope and the growth that we’re seeing in the cracks in the sidewalks

Join us for this honest conversation as we do some processing of the past year together. Our hope is that as we model connection together, you’ll be encouraged to pursue connection in your own life as well.  

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