Upside Down Podcast

Season 5 | Episode 89: The Necessity of Rest

May 25, 2021 Kayla Craig, Patricia Taylor, Alissa Molina Season 5 Episode 89
Upside Down Podcast
Season 5 | Episode 89: The Necessity of Rest
Show Notes

What brings you rest? Is it something that’s easy for you to embrace, or do you find yourself struggling with it? Co-hosts Kayla Craig, Alissa Molina, and Patricia Taylor talk about the need for rest—to nourish ourselves and to love one another—in our final episode of the season. 

In this episode, we:

  • Discuss how rest can be a struggle when it is often considered selfish or something to be earned instead of an innate need
  • Acknowledge that rest is an act of resistance against grind culture and even the Western church’s culture of production and productivity
  • Ask each other what it takes to be able to say we are worthy of rest and to believe it
  • Consider the interconnectedness of rest: when we fill ourselves up through our rest, that frees us and creates margin to give so that others may experience rest
  • Talk about what’s at stake when we don’t rest and how our refusal to rest is a refusal to rest in God
  • Wonder what it looks like for us to take cues from our bodies and the physical life around us and grow in awareness of those invitations to rest

Join us as we conclude our fifth season with this conversation about the necessity of rest. We hope it speaks to you and encourages you to regard this act as loving and essential to the well-being of yourself and those around you. 

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